“Thinking of depressing things has its..” Harrison stopped for a moment, biting the top of his lip as he tried to find the exact word he wanted to  use. “Uses.” Okay, so maybe that wasn’t the best word, but it was the one he could think of.

From under the couch, he ruffled his hair, particles of dust mixing in with the smoke of the joint. “It tasted like Narnia.” Everything he said had this undertone of boredom, and Harrison probably wouldn’t even smile if the circus came running through. That is, not unless someone got stepped on by an elephant.

He nodded as he took the joint back, taking a long drag with his eyes closed as he adjusted himself to be comfortable. “Yes. Hot.” He opened one eye, much like an annoyed monk would open an eye if a young child started poking him in the face.

“We burn easily, we overheat easily, even in the winter we can get too hot. We reflect heat, we retain heat, we give heat. We’re just hot. Summers are horrible. Winters are still warm.”

"… uses," remy repeated, utterly and totally bemused. if she was someone that used facial expressions, she would have narrowed her eyes. but being the absolutely monotonous human that she was, she just stared at him blankly. "uses. interesting…"

she glanced at him sideways for moment, mulling over the word ‘narnia' in her head. “what the hell is narnia? and what does it taste like?” it had sounded familiar, as it rang in her ears, but she couldn't place it. and she, like him, had only slight tinge of interest in her voice — the rest of the time she ended up sounding totally disinterested regardless of whether she really was or not.

'yes. hot.'

while waiting for proper explanation, she kicked her feet back and forth, seeing as they didn’t reach the ground when they were dangled off the side. she looked at him still, and unsurprisingly unamused. “and this hot thing, it happens for all white people?”

i hide, you seek

her brother is nothing and everything she wishes to be and not be. they are connected, and out of sync. ying and yang, push, pull, she hides he finds. dysfunctional.

“Common knowledge for the general population. For those who are exceptions, things that might be healthy for others might kill them.” Like me for example. Harrison slid out from beneath the couch and stood up as gracefully as possible.

He took a seat on the couch next to her, barely looking at her as he pulled a joint out of his pocket, lit it, and smoked it. Harrison was in a sharing mood, so he reached over, offering her a puff of his marijuana.

“Being white? It’s hot.”

That was what he had to say about being white. Not that it was sexually attractive ‘hot’ but that it was literally, hot. White people got hotter than black people. Summer was brutal, and they resisted cold better. Sunburns happened easier too.

"so thinking about depressing things is healthy for you? that makes absolutely perfect sense," remy rolled her eyes, pursing her lips as he finally came out. "welcome back," she said sardonically, "how was it down there? meet anyone interesting?"

the next thing he did surprised her as well. smoking in the middle of the dorm had never really been a good idea, but then again, smoking in the great hall at night wasn’t better. when he offered, it was only good manners to take it, so she did. she held between her fingers and inhaled like a pro, handing it back with a sour face. 

"hot?" she asked skeptically, and eyebrow raised.